The Art Nouveau style lettering was popular during the late 19th and early 20th century. Among the works of artists are the most beautiful French design style Art Nouveau alphabets with intricate flowing curves to give an engaging and delightful appearance to your next alphabet stencil project.

Using Art Nouveau French style alphabets that flow and intertwine freely, these letters can be used for names and initials in stencils or just about anything creative, adding to the beauty of your project.

Using stencils to create a French design style is an amazing way to enhance your Art Nouveau project. Instead of the ordinary boring uniform look when you stencil, using various alphabet designs created by master craftsmen worldwide will give you everything you need in order to pull off fantastic looking creative works.

Art Nouveau, also known as Jugendstil, was a style of art that began in Europe in the 1890s. It was very popular in Belgium, France, Germany and the UK. Artists during this time were inspired by this particular design style. The inspiration was used to devise and create flowing line-work. The name of the style has no meaning in English but is said to be French for ‘New Art’.

After generating your stencil lettering, please save your stencil image to your computer.

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