half inch 135 connected cursive uppercase letter stencil
half inch 135 connected cursive lowercase letter stencilhalf inch 135 connected cursive words stencil example

Half Inch Connected Cursive Alphabet Stencils Uppercase & Lowercase


Connected Cursive Uppercase and lowercase alphabet stencil set in half” inch size. Sizing information.

Stencil Theme: Connected, Cursive, Formal, Invitations, Script, Weddings.

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Product Description

Price for the complete half inch Connected Cursive A-Z / a-z stencil set: $20.00 with FREE global shipping + Free painting stencil brush!.


Connected Cursive.

Connected Cursive alphabet stencils are available in the following sizes: 1/2″ inch / 1″ inch / 1½” inch / 2″ inch / 2½” inch / 3″ inch / 3½” inch / 4″ inch / 4½” inch / 5″ inch / 5½” inch / 6″ inch.

Need a specific size not listed here? Please contact us and we can help you with your desired size!

Our stencils are cut on durable and washable plastic sheets which allows you to re-use the stencil over and over. Read more about our product.

Additional Information


Half inch


Thin durable re-usable mylar


Shipped within 1-4 business days